Contactless Video Measuring Profile Projectors

Contactless Video Measuring Profile Projectors Optomech offer cost effective video profile projector (VPP), to suit your budget and needs, all the models have a rigid and stable construction with granite base and column. The equipment is mounted on a ergonomically and aesthetically designed table The VPP MAZ is a 3D video measuring machine, it comes standard with a high speed and higly accurate Vision Autofocus, it is convenient for applications such as focussing surface and edges of a workpiece, the autofocus along with a motorized Z axis movement also gives the machine very good height measuring capability. Precision working table and 0.001mm resolution optical scales installed in the X, Y, Z axis provide a measuring accuracy of (3+L/100)um. The powerful software allows users to export the measured results to CAD software such as AUTOCAD, MASTERCAM etc. The light controlling PCI card controls the intensity of surface and profile LED light sources. A SPC stastical analysis software is also included in tHe software package. All measured results can be exported to Microsoft WORD OR EXCELS The VPP MAZ accepts the Renishaw touch trigger probing systems, making contact-probing measurements possible. It detects surface and side cooridnates for complicated 3D parts, where vision sensing cannot be used A single part measurement can incorporate Vision and Touch Probing to realize multi-sensing metrology in the commom datum plane, giving the equipment capabilities of a CMM.

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