Gauging and Sorting Machines

Gaging and Sorting of Mass Produced Components

1.Automatic Operation


3.Rapid Changeover

4.100% Quality Control

5.Maintenance Free

6.Highly Economical

Construction Features

Reliable and proven technology in designing this automatic machine which is fast and accurate in operation. The machines is developed for Grading, Segregating and Sorting of various components viz., Steel Balls, Bearing Rollers & Rings, Needles, IC's contact pins, Thrust-washers, Circlips, Bushes, Dowel Pins, Auto-turned Components, Watch parts, small & Medium Electronics & Electrical Parts, Cutters, Slitters, Drills, Nozzles, Rubber / Fibre / Nylon parts like Seals, Rollers, Pins, Bushes etc. The machine is designed to provide maximum rigidity & accuracy to its two main cylindrical rollers. They are made of alloy steel, precision machined to high degree of accuracy. They are hardended, tempered, precision ground and lapped after hard chrome plating, giving them a very long working life.These rollers are housed in a robust housing mounted on high precision anti-fabriction rolling bearings, which are preloaded to give high axial rigidity to these rollers, an important prerequisite to obtain high operational accuracy on a continuos basis.The drive-mechanism is exclusively designed to give the desired differential rotation to the rollers. This mechanism ensures that the components move ahead while rotating about their own axis. This differential rotation is infinitely variable within the operating range. This also helps in setting the highest performance level of the machine for different components under sorting.

Operation: The components are fed continuosly to the machine from a vibratory feeder. Once the components are loaded on the machine they are gaged continuosly with respect to set size / dimension. The undersize components are sorted our first, then OKAY components are segregated from the over-size components. These three groups are carefully collected in the allocated bins. If desired, OKAY range can be graded to suit any particular requirement (as in selective assembly). To suit different shapes of components, custom-built guides are provided to the machine to give best results for faster out-put.

Maintenance: The machine is designed for continuous operation with very little maintenance. It can be set and operated with little experience and doesn't require very skilled manpower. One operator can handle several machines.This makes the machine very economical in operation. The productivity can be incerased without any additional capital expenditure. It helps in reducing the rejection by selecting a most favourable "limits" during production. Also, oversize components can be salvaged later on at a convenient time without disturbing the normal production run.

Other Salient Features:
1.Rapid change over from one component to the other is possible
2.Portable unit, can be shifted any where
3.Infinitely variable spped, within the range
4.100% quality control
6.Highly economical

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