Profile Projector Shadow Graph

Table Top Profile Projector - PP 300 TE

Horizontal Profile Projector - PP 400 H

Vertical Profile Projectors - PP 600 VE

Precision Telecentric Lences

Normal Lenses exhibit varying magnification for objects at different distance from the lens.This causes serveral problems for machine vision and other application.Tele-centric Lenses have the same magnification at all distances.A telicentric lens creates images of the same size for objects at any distance.

PC Based Measuring Software

1.Mesure Point, Line, Circle, Ellipse, Rounded Slot, Rectangular Slot

2.Graphical display of measured entities

3.Direct input of nominal values from Auto CAD (DXF) files

4.Export drawing the auto CAD

5.Reverse Engineering

6.Flexible Reporting

7.Storage of measurement data in XML format

8.Construct and measure indirectly measured entities, from stored measurements

9.Directly calculate standard tolerances such as: Form tolerances - Roundness, Straightness, Concentricity, Angularity, Parallelism, Squareness, Position Tolerance

Verticle & Horizontal Profile Projector
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