Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems


Automobile Parts : Pistons, Valves, Fuel injectors, Carburetors, Bearings, Filters, Engine block, shock absorbers parts, power steering parts, different's engine parts


Printed Circuit Boards, Electronic assemblies, Semiconductors components, capacitors, Rotary Switches, CRT components

Refrigeration Compressor Parts

Compressor all parts, Crank case cranked shaft, valve plate, Cage bearing, stator, Rotor, compressor shell etc.


Pumps, Vacuum valves, Cutlery, Silver, tools, dies, moulds, casting, spray guns etc.

Our Special Cleaning System

1. Ultrasonic Cleaning System using alkaline, Organic or any other suitable solvent

2. Multistage Ultrasonic Va pour Degreasing System

3. On line Ultrasonic cleaning System for strips, Wires & Tubes.

4. Multistage Cleaning equipment for cleaning of medical, surgical & scientific instruments

5. PLC - Controlled Automatic Material handling system for custom designed cleaning systems for various applications.

6. Special purpose High Pressure Spray Jet Cleaning Equipment.

7. Custom built for every industries with special accessories like Filtration, Oil Skimming, Chemical Dozing, dunking, Basket rotation, Hot Air / Vacuum Drying

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